Monday, May 28, 2012

Temptation at its Finest

In my grandmother's greenhouse, I was alone. No one was here at this late hour. It should be like this.  I stood under the moonlight. The moon was high in the sky. I stared at the moon as I felt I was almost drinking it in.

Light it felt on my mouth.

And full grown that I couldn't finish it.

"You're like the moon sweetheart", my mother's voice rang in my ears, "Your light and full grown now."

I bit my tongue and shook my head to bring the pain to myself to say the truth,
"The moon is not as dark compared to myself." I whispered out loud.

The whisper doesn't hit me hard enough like I wished it would. I looked down to the dandelions. They always reminded me of my mother since they are her favorite. Next to them the dragon snappers. They always foretold of my brother; always being wild and blooming with his fun personality. Daisies came into view at the far row of flowers that gesture to me. Rows of marigolds were placed next to them. These flowers make me remember of my dad and how he wished that they can turn into money. Lastly, the small bunch of roses came into view, making my heart suddenly throb. The moonlight then shined on them a few seconds later as I stared at them, making them beautiful as the dew was highlighted under the radiance of the moon.  I brought my hand to clutch my chest, needing to look away. Soft tears then went down my face, the only rain that is permitted in the protector for these plants. Each flower lingered with memories of my past. I had to turn away get away from the sight. I knew the pain is still lingering but I brush it off with a hard flick as I start to head out.

However, I stop in my tracks. In the dark shadows, a person stands there.

Person. Oh. no wait- Of course.

"Is there anyone else you can annoy especially at this hour?"

Lightning strikes in the distance, showing the complexion that I knew by heart all ready.

Chestnut-brown hair. Blue eyes. Small mouth. Lanky body and arms that would cause comfort in the past, but I quickly eat these feelings up. Him...

Silence was his answer as he took slow steps closer to me. My heart jolts at this as I try to hold myself together, but rage was the only thing that took place instead.

"Don't step any closer you Jackass!" I blurted as I suddenly cover my lips.

Dang. My first swear word...

Anger roared, "See what you did you Jerk!"

He didn't listen nor respond to my words. He just walked closer. But, he then stopped to looked at the flowers too. I spied what he saw: red roses.

Time slowed as he just stared at the roses, while I stood staring at him; wondering how he knew I was here. I had to visit my grandmother since she was close to dying and my mother was always close to her so she had to take all of us with her. She needed the family support. Just like my dad needed her to do all the household chores when he got tried after his work. How I needed her more then her mother at this moment was now triggering at my heart. The comfort for her was demanding especially since he was here. The guy who I didn't want to see even if the world was suppose to end if I had a choice to deny him or not as a husband.

The thunder finally came as the young man took the rose and started to smell it. The silence suddenly clenched my throat. Almost trying to remember I was here, he turned his eyes at me and filled the distance that could easily be removed with the rose. His gesture was the usual romantic "Inhale the smell and it should take the pain" kind of deal but I didn't want for him to see the vulnerability he knew all too well.

I stepped back, each time being replaced with the rose. I kept walking til I bumped very sharply into the end of the greenhouse, hurting my lower back. I had to suck up for him to not notice it.

Crepes. He me into a corner.

My courage, rage, and even some pain all were gone as it was replaced by confusion as he put the rose into my hair. He knew it would hurt if he placed in my ear, which made me smile deep down. Again, I swallowed this.

He then stepped closer to me, still leaving some space between us but saw the deep pleading in his eyes, his arms twitching, his mouth quiver. His shadow lingered over me, making me now soak his deep sadness and desires.

Very heavy with wanting and loneliness.

Lightning again came. Somehow, I felt comfort from the brief exposure of light as I looked into his eyes. The royal blue was stored in my mind as he placed his hand on my chin. I didn't dare to move it.

"Sorry to hear about your grandmother." Gentle breeze came to my senses.

"It's no big deal." I said but crushed me internally.

"You sure about that? You can always tell me about it." Now leaning closer.

Stay away from me!

"Again, no big deal. I can totally handle it."

"You know you can't lie to me for you always expose the truth in your eyes."

"You can't even see my eyes."

Why is my heart racing?!

"Oh. Well it is hard to see in this lighting,"

"Oh well sucks to be you then-"

 His nose is brushing against mine as he looks deep into the green doors of myself. He gave a soft smile.

"Now that's better."

I had to stare into his. It was tempting as we were so close to just start all over again like what we were once before. Deep down, I knew that it wouldn't be that easy to do so. Since we had all ready good times and bad, re-starting would be just as hard. I clenched my hands into fists. I looked down to the ground, now seeing the moonlight on us again.

Thunder was heard again and now louder then before.

"I'm sorry. I can't..." I started and took gulps to calm my emotions down. My hands started to shake, my mouth went dry and I shut my eyes as they started to tear up. My senses became blurry and my insides became out of control.

I couldn't talk anymore.

I didn't want to talk.

Instead, he held me and stroked my hair as I acted like a child. I hugged him back and hid from the world in his shoulder. Lightning came again and the thunder roared so loudly that it was deafening to my cries. Rain then poured but this time it was outside of the barrier and also inside as well. There was a war going on inside me and outside in nature. The only peace that seemed to be in the small world was the young man who hurt me in the past but now was saving me in this time of present.

If only my courage could save me, would things have not ended like this?

My eyes shifted and started to open. In the eerie light, it was bright and up-lifting. The flowers bloomed with such bright colors. I stirred as I realized I was on the floor of the greenhouse.


I'm not.

I moved my hands as I felt sprigs of grass; the thick and smooth textures as well as the droplets were mixed in my touch. Wind was brushing against my face.

"Your awake." A voice commented.

My eyes widened more as I got up too fast for myself, making myself gain a headache. Still, I looked around  with my senses on autopilot.

"Behind you." The voice directed me.

I turned and behind me, a large tree was growing with purple leaves and large orange fruit that were bedazzled with green spots were taken into view. I gazed and soon I saw a young man who seemed fimilar except something seemed different about him. His ears were pierced with a billion of who knows what that all glowed in the sun light. He wore a brown tunic that was tied with a black belt at his waist, wore baggy black pants, and a long red cloak blew in the wind. He had chestnut-brown hair but at the ends were blazing red streaks. The blue eyes were staring down at me filled with confidence. I looked at him straightforward and before I even knew it, he jumped down from the tree and landed right in-front of me. His boots made a giant sound as well as I saw him have a hilt on his back.

He raised me up and he hugged me as I grew question marks. I pushed him away in a furry as I stared at him, "Wait! You don't even know me?! How can you hug a stranger?"

He looked at me, soon gave a big laugh and smiled gently afterward, "Don't worry. You know me all too well. For now, I'm not going to say anything. Still, you must trust me if you need to survive."

"What? Trust you? As if why should I-"

He took my hand and then just started to run behind the giant tree.

"Hey, let me talk at least before you start to do random actions!"

"Sorry, but we need to get to a safer location before you can rant on like all you teenage girls do."

"Not funny."

It took a while to get behind the tree since I didn't realize that it wasn't a normal redwood that grew acres into the air (should had realized that as soon I noted the purple leaves) but eventually, we did get around and  on the back side of the tree was a large door, completely carved from the same tree bark. The door was deep red and had golden door knockers on them with leaves decorated on them. He pulled on the right knocker and the door open. Shock took place in me especially since the door was so huge and the strange boy didn't even seem that strong anyway. He then took me inside without another word.

That's when the adventure began.

To be continued...