Saturday, December 24, 2011

Short Poem

Lie lie,

Let me lie in my place.

Breathe breathe,

I need to remember I'm still living.

Motion, motion

I want time to stop in place.

Forever, forever,

A ever lasting peace.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frindle's Rising Chapter 4

As the two friends roamed down to the school. Like the usual it was filled with gloom, but today will be the day they will discover the Way of Change...

"Wait up Gwen."  Her friend huffed as she was shoulder-carried towards the school.

"Sorry Mary. We are late as it is, but we are all ready at the entrance. Once we go in, I'll take you to the Medicine Elf and he can take care of everything." She apologized, but smiled to show how calm she was.

However, deep down she was all over the place. She felt worried that she could do much worse if she wouldn't be able to control the inherited evil within her. She felt anger for hurting her friend and felt she wanted to be punished. She wanted to cry, but held it down with all her strength. She saw the blood, now dried wounds, on her friend that she couldn't stand to watch for a brief moment. As they climbed down the old, stone stairways, Gwen took a sharp turn to the right and took a faster pace down the empty hall. She heard Mary whimper, which she had to put down for her to rest against the wall. Gwen stared at her weak friend as well as Mary did back to her "smiling" friend.

"And what are you two doing there?" A voice asked that echoed in the hall.

They both turned their heads as they gasped; Gwen standing strong while Mary squirmed in place. A long lean figure stood in the wide hall. His nose all curved in his scrunched face. His blue wings that matched his blue and yellow uniform of a long shirt and shorts, fluttered from the sides of his body in a wild tone. Anger was fuming from his body as he stared down at the two children. He took long strides towards the girls who looked up at him with long and quiet stares.

"Didn't you hear me?!" He asked raising his voice, "Tell me. What are you two doing here?! I have no time to deal with such children who get scared easily I swear..." He then started to mumble and groan as another fey pushed him along to the Medic Elf's clinic. The other fey had short blond hair and was way shorter compared to the grown fey, but still had great strength and pushed him through the door. He wore the same blue and yellow uniform as well.

As they left, it was when Gwen helped her friend up again and they both walked at a little faster pace to see what else would happen. They never had seen those two boys in their lives. No one in school wore those uniforms. As they thought about it, the tall boy also had a strange accent. Had a mixture of a soft breezy voice that quickly changed to a hard harsh tone. Again, no one here spoke like that. At least the ones that were "normal".

As Gwen and Mary got to the Medic Elf's clinic, the door was shut and the curtains over the window where tightly closed. They went to sit on the two chairs that were the used for waiting. Mary by now had re-gained most of her energy sat up leisurely and started to re-gain her golden smile that always warmed Gwen's heart in many ways. In any emotion she felt. She then turned to the window. The window was vast, very long horizontally. She saw the still grey sky that made any fey gloomy, but for Gwen, it filled her with a hope. She always dreamed of one day seeing the blue skies she hadn't seen in a dear long time. She hoped for her to somehow someone or something can help her break the bond between and Frindle. She felt the anger flare inside her; tighting her chest like if she was held on a chained brace. It would forever haunt her. She knew she needed help.

Someone help me! She yelled in her mind.

As she pricked her ears, no answer came to her as she lowered her head in sadness.

However though, as night came across the land, Gwen was in her bed. She felt restless and very ashamed of what she had done. Her fists were clenched under the covers as she soon finally let the tears leak down her face. She hid her face under the blanket like if Mary was in the room with her. She wasn't too wrong about that, but Mary was only down the hall to the left of where Gwen slept. She cried heavily and sniffled as she held her wrist in agony. She wished for the pain to pop of her and be lifted off her shoulders.

 In about half an hour in human time she fell asleep peacefully and calm.

To be Continued...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Part two for chapter 1 for it didn't felt finished when I looked back on it for Frindle's Rising

After the King and Queen had fallen to their unfortunate demise, Frindle took the power to her metal hands as she decided to make a few changes to the World of Fey...

In the cold, the wind blew silently over the field. Every fey felt a deep, nawing hole grow inside themselves as they stared down below. No one made a sound except for the now screaming, pale-white queen. She covered her eyes in shear agony as she fell to the grass and buried her head with her clear tears. The only fey who seemed to not feeling this tragic fear and sadness was the dark fey who wiped the blood eagerly on her dress. She stared down at the pool of blood that surrounded that drenched her feet in the now cool blood that once gave her a warmth of sensation was now giving her a coldness that left her feet numb.

She was suddenly surrounded by the brown and red armored body guards that swarmed her in a tight circle. They held their poisoned ended spears and daggers with their eyes still fearful. The fey who looked like she died herself just smirked at them with a evil smile that made the guards shake with woe. She held the sword to her side that would shine if the moon would had been out. She raised the sword and pointed it that the guards.

"Guards who belonged to the fallen king. Join me or you will join the fate your ruler had." She turned to the forest as well with death swirling in her eyes. The fey hidden were shivering and knew it went for them as well. They clung to each other. They all wanted to escape but didn't dare to. As Frindle looked to the guards who slowly lowered their weapons, some even dropping them to the floor, were all hanging their heads to either not look at Frindle or was too ashamed to do it. Frindle smiled and finally looked to the crying queen. She walked slowly; feet still soundless. She spooked the poor Queen as she kneed down to look at the poor child-like fey.

"Get up." Frindle ordered.

The Queen got up immediately and stood with her head high; like if Frindle was pointing at her with daggers and spears.

"Good, " She talked to her like a low-life servant, "Now. For you, I'm going to ask you this. Would you like to be a maid to work for me or to die like your husband?" Her hands went down as the Queen imagined her "dropping" the weapons she held.

The silence grew as the small fey; now looking even smaller as she huddled herself slightly, suddenly felt her heart burn with anger. She then ran to Frindle and slapped her in the face as she felt tears grow again. Everyone in forest and even the guards gasped at her actions as the Queen just cried deeply. Frindle just laughed it off as she touched the spot; feeling her skin swell from the hit. She grabbed the queen by the throat; hearing the Queen squealing. Tears still streaked down her milky face; crawling even down Frindle's arm. Frindle didn't get phased by this and just examined the queen's reaction. She looked at how her eyes squinted as she cried, seeing three wrinkles forming on each eye. She saw her eyebrows furrow with such force that made her skin look old and wrinkled. She looked to her thin hair that could be see-through if the light hit it just right. She then got back to reality as Frindle tilted her head, "Interesting specimen..."

"Stop looking you witch!" The Queen hissed as she kicked Frindle in the stomach. Frindle took the hit hard as she fell on one knee and clutched her stomach. She coughed up blood that covered her mouth as she felt a new pain swirl in her. She licked it off her teeth; feeling a new sensation that grew old at the same time somehow. She took her sword and stabbed the Queen's neck into two. She then cut down a bit deep to where she she reached the abdomen of the thin fey body. The Queen gave a final scream of terror as she just stopped in mid-motion: her eyes wide in the direction of the sky and her mouth slowly going limp.

"And I was about to give mercy on you." Frindle whispered to the standing corpse. When she unsheathed the sword out, the frail Queen fell to the ground as another pool of blood came on the ground. The guards stiffened and the fey who hid couldn't bring to cry anymore as they realized their fears had reached their limit. Frindle then turned away and just walked on as she snapped her fingers to the guards. They made into the formation when she was "Sterling" and strolled out of the fields with her head high and eyes cold.

Later when the night grew on, all the fey who hid in the forest went back to their homes, leaving the King and Queen all alone. The moon then had enough courage to look at the result that the wicked Frindle made. The  moon then started to cry as she made snow drift down across the land. The moon examined the poor King and Queen who their faces looked to each other unsuspectingly. Her hand was out reaching to the Kings', but it would never reach in true time. In the time of the Spirit of Life, the King clutched the Queen dearly to his chest. The two fey spirits looked down at their bodies; feeling no remorse or sadness toward them. The two fey then floated of to the sky and flew away in the near distance; truly leaving the fey under the total control of the evil Frindle.

To be continued....

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dark Days

                Back in the days of Mother Luna starting to grow old, everyone was tranquil and nice. Everyone was carefree and always gave each other happy smiles for they were all equals and all thought the exact same way. However, when a young girl of the farm field's daughter came to the world, that's when people started to learn of people being different. Unfortunately, no one accepted her to be different, except her family. The young girl as she got older learned she had a disadvantage that no one told her about. She could never play. Could never run in the fields with the children. It wasn't like she didn't have the physical ability to do so. It was just that they would always do these events at night. When the Full Moon would be out. No clouds to hide Her. The Moon would watch the children play for She is the Guardian of the Night. The children would get blessings from Her, but the young girl could never have any. For she will die if she got a slight exposure of the Moon and its radiant light...

               The young girl strolled around the quiet space of the old farmer's home. Her mother and father was fast asleep and she just sat on the floor. She closed her eyes in the darkness of the relaxing room in her house. In the relaxing room, there are three pillows for them to sit on, a beautiful painting of a waterfall and three windows; but they are never open to the outside world. Never to reveal the light of the Moon or the heat of the Sun. Her dad says it's to make sure the relaxing room doesn't get hot for it wouldn't be enjoyable to relax. There is also a fan in the far corner of the room. The young girl turned it on, and felt the breeze wash over her softly. 

              She imagined herself to be running in the fields with the other young children. She saw her hair blowing left and right and saw herself not getting hurt from the Moon's light. She was able to hear Her whisper about the blessings that each child got during the time of the Full Moon. The best of all of the vision would be for the young girl to not die from experiencing it. She made her hands turn into fists as she cried to herself. She found it not fair that she couldn't do what the other children were able to do without death hanging on their shoulders. She wanted to, but she knew she couldn't. 

            She jumped a little as she suddenly heard the young children scream on their way back to the village. She saw many of them running with their happy faces. Their eyes take a new, refresh look to them. They were gone in a flash from view and she looked down; feeling a dark angry feeling creeping inside her. Her fists were uncurled and flat on the floor. They were clawing at the floor, making her nails broken and blood flowed out of them a little. She made ravenous noises like a beast and soon started to cry a deep one that she never did before. She felt tears crawling all over her face and fell down to her hands and the floor around her. As she cried the deep emotions out of her heart, she felt herself becoming more light inside herself. She felt something grow inside her, a new goal that overcame her deepest fears. 

          She got up without even thinking and strolled out of the door. She didn't realize it herself, but she did it anyways and soon started to run to the fields. When she got to the Tunnel Trees, that were at the entrance of the village, that's when she stopped. She shook her head and then backed away. 

          "What am I doing? Trying to suicide that's idiotic!" She told herself off.

          She then turned around and soon walked back when suddenly heard someone in the distance going through the Tunnel Trees. She span around and with her weak eyes, saw a short man in the distance, wearing the boots that made soft padding noises on the floor of the trees. Suddenly, she realized it wasn't a short man, but a young boy and by her heart, she ran with eyes wide. She outstretched her arms and called out, "Michael!"

          The boy didn't stop, not sure because he didn't hear or he was ignoring her, but she raced all of her might with her arm reaching towards him. She eventually caught his sleeve before he left the Tunnel Trees. He turned around and all ready the girl fell to the floor very weakly. He sat beside her right away and held her head up in his arms. His brown bangs flew in the soft breeze that covered his clear sky blue eyes. He spoke in a soft but stern voice, "What are you doing here?! Are you trying to kill yourself?"

          The young girl looked up with her eyes gaining energy swiftly, "What about you? You have to go home to your parents." She suddenly lost the energy and started to cough and gave raspy breaths. He brought her up as he carried her in his arms to her house quickly.

"We need to get you out of being exposed to Her." He explained.

"But that's not the reason you didn't leave with the other kids. You need to get home yourself..."

The girl was quieted as the young boy put his thin finger to her mouth.

"No need to talk off. You can tomorrow when I will see you in the morning."

She gave a soft nod as the young boy went through the doorway and put her down on the floor. He went down the hall and got two futons, two pillows, and two blankets as he laid them on the floor.

"Get ready for bed. I'm going to prepare the beds." He instructed.

She didn't ask anything about it as she left him alone in the relaxing room. She was use to this by now since he was pretty much like family to her. She started to undress into her pajamas in her room as she heard a soft knock on her door.

"It's done and may you give me the usual?" A voice came from the other side.

"Thank you and of course." She replied.

As she went to her desk that's in the small room that only fitted the two futons, the desk and a box that held her clothing, there was a pile with a shirt and pants that also held the many journals of her drawing, pencils, and notebooks for her writing. She then put the work clothes that was a green shirt with brown overalls in the box, and put her big brown shoes with her long white now brown socks on top of the box. She took the small red ribbon she wore everyday out of her small pony tail and made her short straight hair fall messily around her face. She kissed the cloth and patted it gently as she laid it gently next to her shoes.

"Good night Grandma Nora. I'm glad to be named after you and may wearing this ribbon make me feel connected to you." She whispered as she closed her eyes.

She opened them quickly after she "told" her grandma about her day in the fields. She took the pajamas for the young boy in her arms as she closed the door silently behind her and walked down the very small hall that went straight to the relaxing room. She walked softly barefoot on the nice, non-squeaky wooden floorboards. Her short brown hair now down gently covered her green eyes as she saw in the darkness the young boy laying down on his futon. He got up at the immediate sound of her presence. He gave her a friendly smile and took the clothes with careful hands away from hers. There fingers brushed slightly, but neither of them noticed. It was his turn to then walk away to her room to change.

When he was away it was then she started to grab her hand and blushed in the darkness that swarmed her. She ran onto her futon, hid under the covers, and tried to fight a giggle that started inside her. Her heart raced in her rib-cage and she focused on her breathing to try to calm her emotions. She soon felt it waver from her and just in time too as the young boy came back and laid on his futon. She turned to face him; her whole body buried in the blanket besides her eyes and hair. He stared back in the similar position, but his eyes weren't cheery, but filled with a deep emotion of worry.

"Why did you go out there? You could have been touched by Her and would had been over for you." He asked her; his voice slightly shaking.

"But I didn't did I?" She argued back, "So we got nothing to worry about."

"I'm not the only one worrying. Your parents, I am, and probably your grandma as well..."

"Don't ever bring her up!" She snapped and her heart raced with fury. "You don't know what's she like! Only I know and no one else! Just leave her out of this....please."

The boy didn't argue and made a simple nod. "Fine. I'm sorry. Good night."

He turned away which made the young girl's heart drop and felt it roll off the futon that she laid in. She didn't expect his good way of ending conversations before them turning into knifes and guns word wars, could had affected her so deeply; like if she wanted something else to happen. She then nodded to the young boy's turned head and sighed deeply with a "Good night" reply back. She heard a slight movement which she guessed it was his head nodding now as she slowly fell asleep into the darkness of the relaxing room that surrounded them. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Falling

Shake shake
Rumble rumble
Stumble stumble

Whoops I fell.
Not down the rabbit hole,
But I fell down,
And was falling for a long time.

And more falling,
And even more of the dirt flying.
I saw even animals growing wings to go upward.
I wanted to fly like my heart told me to do as well,
But I knew all ready,
That I can't.

As the dark of the unknown hole crept around me,
I tried to look around for something to stop me from this on-going falling.
I grabbed branches,
Roots sticking out with the help of my long arm that doesn't have fingers,
Magical ivy that grow slowly outward,
Even digging my claws to the side of the walls,
But nothing could stop me from this forced downward.

As I soon saw the ground below me,
I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see the worse,
But I felt myself slow down,
And I fell on my feet,
On my all fours and my ears giving a few happy twitches.

I guess what they say its true that cats land on their feet.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Frindle's Rising Chapter 3

When Frindle ruled, she had many feelings of torture, but her heart was still burning for the kin who shall have the touch that she seeks. However, while she has to work, controlling the people that despises her, the dark heart is now starting to open for more...

    “So what shall we do with this annoying pest? Burn him at the stake? Get the guards to brutally beat him? Or execution if you feel bloody?” A small, lanky fey guard asked the mighty Frindle.

    The ideas swam in her head like water, but she just crossed her knees in her white gown and looked down with disgust. She snickered below her at an old man with wrinkles that went over his eyes, but he still tried to give her the innocient puppy dog look to her. She, however, saw no simpathy as she ordered, "Take him to the dungen. I'll deal with him later once the punishment comes to mind."

     With a swift of her hand, two guards came up and dragged him out. The man then screamed, pleading to be released: "No! I won't make it! I won't make~"

      Two large doors slammed shut as they left out of the room. Frindle groaned as she moved to a different position in her seating. She at first looked down and made a low bow of her head. 

Killing fey just doesn't feel the same anymore. It makes the world feel...empty. 

                She then looked up to the ceiling; seeing the parlor designs of leafy greens, animals and plants that sprouted in the masterpiece. Everything in the ceiling was perfectly detailed and back in the time before Frindle, it was suppose to represent the happiness in the people of fey. As she stared at it, her eyes turned a little happy at the sight, but was quickly clouded as the evil boiled in the blood again. 

             "I'll have to change that later." She noted to herself. 

             The small guard from before came back into the dark protruding room, this time with a young boy. His hair was silver white and he stared at the ground with his pale grey eyes. Frindle examined the young boy for sometime; almost amused with his appearance. The guard ruined her thoughts as he told her coldly, "This boy has no name, no family, and no home, but he still thought it was okay to throw rocks at your statue mistress..."

             "Silence you innocent fool! Are you blind to think that I'm not paying attention. I swear you are a waste of Lyfe's creation!" Frindle shouted to the guard who shrank down in his place.

              The guard almost cried, but still tried to hold firm as Frindle changed her tone and looked at the young boy who was quiet all this time. She lifted her arms and suddenly, beside her was two bat-like wings. She stood up from her golden throne that she sat for the past years. Her feet made creaking sounds and a giant snap that even phase Frindle the slightest. The boy finally took a small, secretive look to Frindle; still keeping his head low.

               He saw many stairs that were covered with a red carpet that had yellow golden trimming. The glass windows that hovered next to the vast throne were tinted black. She snapped her fingers and fire sparked in the palm of her hands. She made the fire spread across the dark room, making the candles that hung high in their chandlers that were attached to the ceiling. The candles mystically shined as the fire danced on top of the wax that will never melt. The new, now brightly lit-room, revealed how vastly large the room was including the throne in the eerie glow of candle light. It showed how detailed the throne was from the arm rests golden decorations to the long red carpet, which had tiny details that the human eyes can never see. The decorations of fey that swarmed around the head of the throne even seemed to become alive again. Frindle's eyes soon adjusted to the light that seemed ages she had seen it.

      She took her bare feet that seemed so swollen compared to the rest of her thin body and went down the dozens of stairs. The room was quiet as she took every step; besides the fire that made flickering noises. The boy's heart raced while Frindle's heart slowed like if it was going to give out anytime soon. The guard was backing away into his now lit corner as he knew what was going to become of the poor boy. When Frindle was at the last step, she looked down at the boy with her fiery violet eyes that glowed with a tint of red. She wore two black gloves and slowly took them off. She threw them to each side of the boy exactly on the same line. She went on one of her knobby knees and stroked the boy's hair. The boy twitched violently, but Frindle softly said, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Do you have a name young child?"

        The boy shook his head and still quivered like a puppy who knew he was going to kicked. Frindle stopped stroking and put her hand down, "You have no name? Such pity..."

         The guard gasped in shock, making the nameless fey boy and Frindle turn their hands. "Get out of here!" Frindle ordered.

          The guard happily obligeded to leave and the two grand doors made a loud horrendous noise that echoed in the room. It made them silent for a while as they listened for the echoing to die away. Frindle turned when she thought it was the appropriate time and sat on the stairstep. She patted a seat next to her.

          "Come, sit." She said in the unusual nice tone.

           The boy did what she asked and still was looking down. He put his hands between his knees and lowered his head.

            The boy asked in a shy tone, "A-Are you going to k-kill me?"

            Frindle looked horrerfied at this question; like if it was a request. 

             "No! Why would I? You seem a very good-looking fey out of all the ugly and tremendous fey in all of Frindle Land. Why would I kill you... It would seem wrong."

              "But you slaughtered all of the other fey." He pointed out and turned one eyes to her, "So why don't you want to kill me?"

               Frindle suddenly backed away and was now on her feet. She looked at the boy and took a hand out, "Please... Please stay with me. I won't hurt you like any of the others."

              "You promise?" The boy asked, now standing.

               Frindle nodded and took both of his hands, her right grabbing his left and her left grabbing his right. She then looked to the boy in his pale, curious eyes. "Shall you want to do the Strict Vow of Bond?"

                The boy nodded, "Yes, but on one condition. If you shall hurt any fey with the touch of metal, your kin in the future shall come back and take thou's place."

               Frindle nodded, with her eyes wide with the idea of the kin coming back and will rule more with the iron power she greedily wanted to live on. She closed here eyes and bent her head upward and out of her lips, a harsh tone came:

Fear the wood
Fear the fire
Feed on the dust of the world,

                        As she said this, the winds in the room started to rush around. Her left arm growing a glow inside.

And things shall get brighter.
Obey the rules of the bond,

                    The glowing shot through her veins, bringing pain to Frindle's body as it zipped around in the boy's; making him grunt a little from the pain and was shot back into her right arm.

Or the consequence shall haunt for days.
Let the pain never rest between the two fey,
Or they both shall die in vein.

                Then the light inside the right arm went inside the boy's body again and as it went back to Frindle's body, it stopped at the mid-section of where the young boy and Frindle's hands linked.  Frindle opened her eyes and took a step closer; putting the hands to her chest.

                 "For my promise now. I want you to stay here and for you to become my child. I shall give you name that belonged to my father and my father's father: Ericolyn. Shall you take the names, the powers of both will be granted to you if I fail to succeed your request."

Now the bond has been completed!
Away with thee!

            Then the glowing grew like if it was getting inflated with an unknown air source, was shattered into golden dust and rained down below their feet. Frindle started at the boy who showed no feelings towards her. She tucked him under her arm and led him out of the room with her other arm out stretched, "Welcome to your new home, Colyn."

To be continued...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Dark Days



Please scream 

Or even dare to shout.

Just shut yourself in the world

And leave the ways you speak,

Don't come close, 

And don't touch the dark of my heart.

For you could just get swallowed into it,

And drown within its depths.

But today,

I feel numb and cold,

So I take a dip into the pond of black water,

And was dragged into the depths below.

They pulled with harsh hands around my ankles,

But I didn't dare to fight it and just let them squeeze me like a sponge.

They gripped me tightly,

And I could almost feel the blood about to burst.

I saw red eyes stare me down,

And glowing sharp teeth drool around me.

I heard sharp growls and harsh evil laughs echo,

As I just stare back dazed like if this wasn't happening.


Above me, 

A shining glow shaped like a hand waved above me and the darkness.

The dark shrieked and cried with fear like if it was shot.

The eyes closed,

The teeth started to decay,

Turning yellow and growing holes.

They scatter far into the waters,

Trying to get away from the light as it came closer to me.

I again didn't get phased as it started to grab me around the wrist and pulled me up.

As I started to get out,

I felt pain,

I felt eyes open more,

I gripped the light's hand,

And I started to smile.

The world start to brighten as I came out,

The bleak water started to even disparate as the last toe was exposed. 

I started to regain my emotions,

First feeling the sorrow grip around my heart,

Then happiness replacing as I calmed down.

The light hugged me as it carried me across the once dark land,

Now filled with light and a new glow was born inside me.

I looked to the sky as I tired to finally speak

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frindle's Rising Chapter 2

Few centuries later...
In the beyond future, where two girls are going to school. Frindle is gone, but her hold still clutched everyone's throats...
             In the bright morning of day, two girls were walking on the empty streets of Frindle's Land. They recently had an arguement, but they still vowed like usual to stay together since the town is not safe like it use to be. It was never safe since the day they were born, but they would always compare their lives to their mother's; thinking how splendid it was to live with no fear of the power's that belonged to Frindle. 

               One of the girls stopped and stared down the rocky path ahead of them. Her black ponytails started to blow in the wind as the silence filled the space between them. She clutched her pale lime green dress and tied the white bonnet again that she wore over her dark long hair. She turned to her friend who looked back nervously now; twirling her short red hair and looked pleading with her emerald green eyes. The fearless girl then changed the tone in her blue eyes to a calm one and put her hand on the other’s girl shoulder.

            “Don’t worry I’m not mad.” She said now rough housing the other girl's head playfully.

            The other girl was still nervous though and just jumped out of her grasp, “Gwen! Don’t scare me like that!”
            The girl known as Gwendolyn, Gwen for short, smiled and laughed a little too harshly.

            “I’m sorry, Mary. You know for before. It was just that Frindle was on the brain.” Gwen apologized, putting a finger on her left temple.
 The other girl known as Mary, Marilyn being her full name, made a small chuckle with eyes still a little fearful. She rung her fingers through the wrinkles of her blue dress and straightened her bonnet’s long tails to distract herself a bit. She then stood next to Gwen and made a small nervous smile. Gwen smiled back reassuringly and gave her a short hug. It made Mary feel a lot better and they continued to stroll down the pathway.

            The streets they strolled past were dusty and bare like always. It was dead silent and it seemed no one would live here ever again. They passed by the empty shops and stores as they saw a giant building in the eerie distance. The building was really worn down; had cracks all over and craving were slowly disappearing like if they being sucked out of the wall little by little. The windows were plain holes in walls, making the whole building seem dull and deserted.

               "There is the school." Mary replied sadly.

               "Yep." Gwen agreed solemnly.

               There was soon a silence that took over between the friends as they saw the sun starting to shine higher in the sky. The wind blew against their backs; the girls illusion the wind pushing them closer to the place they could care less about.  They still trudged on, now walking by a dark ally way. The hairs on the back of their necks stood on end as down the ally, they heard a giant hiss, clinking, and a few clanking from the darkness below. Gwen’s pointed ears perked when she heard these noises, grabbed Mary’s wrist and took action. She ran a few yards down the street and didn’t stop until she thought it was safe. She was breathing a little hard and was on her knees with Mary rubbing her back when she thought they were far at a good distance.

            “That was close. We could have been caught.” Mary commented with terror in her voice.

            “I know.” Gwen answered back in a low, no emotional tone.

            Gwen looked to the sky. The sun was bright in the blue clear sky. She almost visioned the sky in flames as she heard screams of terror that rang through out her body. Her eyes began to water as the vision started to disappear out of her mind and then looked down. Her hands turned into fists.

            “Why… Why did she have to create those things?” Gwen growled to the unknown.
            “Well that was a different time and we have to unfortunately live with it. We don’t have to deal with this once…”
            “Once we finish school and pass the test. I know! I get it!” Gwen snapped back, now standing on her feet.
            “But, I don’t understand why?" She continued, "The test at the end is fighting something made of iron. We all know that everyone will never beat it.”
            “Come on Gweny don’t say that.” Marilyn advised, grabbing Gwen’s shoulder.
            Gwen’s eyes suddenly were shining violet and grasped Marilyn’s hand. She squeezed it tightly; Mary’s eyes widened with her mouth gaped a bit. The pain throbbed throughout her body as she saw a dark aura take over her friend. She almost saw the aura trying to grab hold of Mary to swallow her whole. Soon the pain woke Mary out of the state, but she let out a ghastly scream.

            “Don’t call me that! I’m the one the only Frindle! Don’t you dare say that distasteful name! Fear me or I shall kill you, your family, friends, and everyone who your wimpy fey heart cares about!” A dark, hard voice boomed out of Gwen’s lips.

            “Gwen! Stop it!” Mary screamed back with a shaky voice, “You’re not Frindle! Fight it! Fight it Gwen!”

            The hand that belonged to Gwen grew sharp nails and started to dig into Mary’s skin. Blood drew and prickled down Mary's arm. Marilyn felt breathless as she felt the energy in her drain quickly from her hand and fell to her knees. She chocked on her strength that was weakening as she managed to say, “You’re not Frindle! You’re Gwendolyn Rightfield Arrowheart! You’re not that mass murder who killed the innocent fey! You’re my friend! Don’t let Frindle in!”
            Gwen made a big hearty laugh filled with an evil pure power. It made more blood spill as she tighten her grip on poor Mary. Marilyn finally stood up not able to take the pain anymore and with a force of her other, not injured hand, she slapped Gwen’s cheek with all her might. They both then fell to the floor; with Gwen’s eyes turning normal and Mary grabbing her arm to stop the flow of blood. As Gwen stared at Mary with a blank expression, her eyes grew wide and with a gasp, went closer to Mary and hugged her tightly.

            There was silence as the sky grew darker and Mary started to rain silent tears down her cheeks. Gwen pulled Mary to a very friendly hug and rubbed her shoulders protectively. That’s when Mary started to sob, wheezing a little as she did so. Like the sound made the sky cry as well, black snow started to drift down across the land; sharing the sorrow that the two friends experienced at that moment.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Frindle's Songs - I'll Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars Requiem of a Dream by Clint Mansell Crystal Ball by Keane

Songs for the Frindle's Story

Hello greetings to all.

I'm now trying to use music to help me with my story writing and I was thinking "Hmm, why not give characters some music to match with their moods." So here is some music that can match with some of Frindle's Rising story main characters.

Frindle: Yes she will appear a lot in the story and she can be a little sneaky, evil, and monstrous fey from what you all read. So here is the song I chose for her: I'll Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars. (warning: has some of screamo elements so if you don't like it you can understand from the title what its say)

Here is another song if you skipped the first song that still represents her fierce fighting spirit: Requiem of a Dream by Clint Mansell.

Okay so we all know everyone has an inner weakness, so I'm not going to give much away besides asking this question: What is a person's worst fear besides death? To know the answer, listen to this song: Crystal Ball by Keane.

Up coming characters

Gwendolyn (Gwen): She will come in the next part. She is Frindle's great great granddaughter. (I don't have songs yet for I'm still learning what she is going to be like.)

Marylin (Mary or Linny): She is Gwen's best friend. She is very sensitive and shy compared to Gwen.

Ericolyn (Colyn): To be Announced

Mirror Jay : To be Announced

There shall be other characters, but those are the only ones I shall release for now (Sorry about the last two, they are still puzzling to me but I shall get them figured out soon.) Next time when I get into more detail, I hope to draw the characters and see if I should change them or not. Okay good-bye and may you read on!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Frindle's Rising

In the dark little woods of Envy,

There stand the good for the world that was scary.

The fey hid in groups, 

Hungry for power,

For they all want the crown to melt in their hands.

            In the dark, tall woods; people large and small gathered around in an open clearing. They still however hid in the trunks of trees; in thick, thorny bushes to the grimy, and muddy pond that encircled the clearing; making it seem for the bare land to be an island surrounded by looming trees. The moon even peeked behind the thick clouds to witness it; lighting the field and the water with its beautiful moonlight that shined delicately and almost making the scene seem dream-like.

            In the middle of the clearing there stood a large man and a small woman with wings spreading far out of their backs. They both clanged to each other and surveyed all around the forest to see if the creatures of the forest would be silent. They were quiet and made the illusion of the forest being lifeless. The large man wore a suit that extended the large stomach he all ready had, making his chubby cheeks take a chipmunk look to them and his eyes all blue and filled with content to the Forest-beings. The small women seemed frail compared to the large man, but her purple, flowing gown that was covered with ruffles looked delicate on her small, thin body and even made her sea-green eyes pop out beautifully.

The large man took a deep breath, almost breathing in the hairs of his mustache and bellowed to the crowd, “Welcome one and all to the gathering tonight for the Enthroning Ceremony. You all know your King Greffald. To people who don’t,” He then pointed to his chest, “You’re looking at him. So don’t fool around tonight. Also, here with me is my lovely, Queen Nerfald.”

The small woman waved to the surrounding around her. No one made a response, but the Queen all ready knew she wouldn’t be getting one so she made a quick gesture and brushed her long golden hair that seemed like silk compared to her pale silver skin. The King put a hand through his black short hair as well and continued in a broad voice, “Now, I’ll be calling up your new Royaling to the clearing. Princess Sterling.”

             This stirred the forest people, making them whisper and chirpy as the feeling turned into excitement that could be felt from everyone. Coming to the clearing were guards in two rows, all of them wearing their crimson red, muddy brown armor and helmets as they march toward the King and Queen. Standing in the mid-section, was a person covered in a green dress, a pointed green hat that had all her hair tucked in and wore a green, leafy mask to conceal her face. There were four guards surrounding the person in green, indicating to the Forest people that the person was important and high in power. The guards came around to the King, escorting the person out and they all marched on back to the unknown. The clearing was silent as they watched the guards walk on in a rhythmic beat of left right left right. It danced in everyone ears this catchy tune and soon the King broke this silence when they were almost gone from view. The King took a hand out and smiled to her as he told her gently, “Come here, Sterling.”

            Sterling took the hand, squeezing it with no certain emotion attached to it and stood in the middle of the High and All Mightiness. The three of them stared outward and the roar of the Forest beings came as if someone signaled them from afar, “All hail Princess! All hail Queen Nerfald! All hail King Greffald!”

            The King and Queen bow at the chanting, but the princess stood there and lowered her head. They didn’t call her name, so they haven’t accepted her with a whole heart. She clutched her hands and made them into fists. The King felt this, for she accidentally squeezed his hand and suddenly turned to his daughter. The Forest being were silent in their chanting.  He hugged his daughter's head in comfort. Sterling didn't phase nor release her grip as she was held close to her father. The King had a sudden pang in his heart as he felt the coldness now taking over him as well. He let go and then finally turned to the crowd, “I'm sorry, my daughter is just a little nervous. Happens to the best of us." 

The Forest beings made a low mumble of noises as they talked one another in understanding. The young girl knew the King didn't want to tell the Forest beings how she really felt, but soon it was passed as if it didn't happen as the King boomed, "Now, undress young Sterling so the Forest beings can see your beauty. Forever remembering this moment as you grow old from the day you become princess.”

The Forest beings began to uproar shouts and whistles with satisfaction. They were all waiting for this since the very beginning. They wanted to see who she looked like. The princess nodded to the King and slowly unbuttoned her dress, unveiling her pale, moon light colored skin that was shining like her white lily petal dress. The dress fell around her feet as she straightened it out all over her; covering her stick-like legs and her knobby knees that stuck out even in the dress. She threw her hat across the clearing, showing her long, and wavy midnight black hair that stretched to the bottom of her back. She finally took her mask off, showing her dark violet eyes that shined so beautifully in the moonlight; making them seem so mesmerizing yet deadly to look at. The forest creatures were silent and stared; feeling a little disturbed. The King eyes were wide and he even stumbled backwards a bit.

“You’re not…”
“You’re right I’m not her Your Majesty.” The girl interrupted the King and smiled mischievously.
“What did you do to her?!” The Queen asked with fear in her tone.
“She is long gone.” The girl answered, looked to the sky with her right hand raised, “Right now joining your ancestors.”
“No! She couldn't! You monster!” The Queen spat back, her eyes now watery and fell to her knees.

The King, filled with rage, helped his wife by holding her side and shouted to the young girl, “Take us to her, now!”
The girl walked, with a dazed expression on her face, forward in the clearing with her bare feet not even making a sound. She raised her arms to the crowd and spoke in a low tone, “Fey of the Forest…”

Before she was even had a chance to say anything more, she got many hisses and shouting, cutting the girl off from her speech, but it didn’t even phase her. Her hair blew into her face and she stared into the audience with fierce eyes that bore holes deep down into the fey’s insides. She continued with a commanding, now raged voice, “Be quiet you pitiful creatures or I shall make sure the whelp will die in her proper place! I’m telling you, she is dead, but I can make sure she won’t even exist in the after life! I do have connections for these things after all for I am, or use to be for I took the Princess’s name, Frindle, the most wanted in the lands!”

The Forest people then gasped and looked around for people to hold themselves as they started to hide behind the trees. Frindle was the most feared by any fey for she wasn't afraid of the most evil thing ever made: iron. Many fey heard she would even use it against her opponents no matter how much it burned her hands with scars. 

She snickered and started to give a big hearty evil laugh like if she understood what they were afraid of. The King and Queen stared at her with fear, with the King finally running and grabbed her around the throat. He threw her to the ground and took a long sword that rested at his side and pointed it at her neck that was inches away from slicing it in two.

The King growled in a low tone that made the Fey shiver with fear, “Do you really have a death wish? Do you like hurting others and yourself?! You are terrifying and must leave this world of Fey. You were never one of us from the start! You're a monster and shouldn't be allowed to even live any longer. Do have any last words before I end your life?”

There was a dead silence within the forest as Frindle just stared back and suddenly chucked coldly like if the King told the most disgusting joke that even managed to tickle at her disturbed funny bone. She stared back with her eyes in slits and answered in a plain voice,“Oh, King Gerffald. You just don't understand. I always was and always will be one of your kind. I will forever be the greatest and most known, but also most feared. You can never forget the only one of your kind who actually likes iron. Who wants iron. Who loves the power the weakness of fey can bring. No matter how much it burns me, I always find a way to heal and come back to do more damage. Plus, I don't even think you have the guts to kill.”

She slowly touched the king’s ankle with one of her long, bony fingers. There was suddenly a horrific, ear-blasting scream that came from the middle of the clearing that rang throughout the forest. The Fey came out of their hiding places and made tiny peeks as their eyes widened and brought tears to their eyes. They saw their own King scream for the first time and it wasn't even for a joke, but a real one, filled with terror. She smiled at his terror and released her grip, making the king fall backwards and saw the ankle now raw and throbbing.

“See,”  Frindle commented, now getting up and standing with her head high to the crowd, “And I didn’t even have any trace of iron on me. It was all of the messed up rumors that flooded your heads about me.” 

She stepped closer to the king as he clutched his sword with a wobble hand. Frindle smirked and wacked the sword with a single blow, even though it did cut her a little, making blood trickle down her hand. The moon finally hid behind the clouds as it knew what was coming next; making the land below become dark like Frindle’s heart. The Fey however didn't hide like the coward moon and were all raging; all wanting to run and attack with Frindle's guard down, but they all stood in their places like something was holding them where ever they were standing. Frindle took a deep sigh, stared above into the sky and looked down, with a new gleam in them. Her eyes seemed very clouded; now burning with a new emotion that made her fingers tremble; like if had to keep it inside her for she knew it was too soon. She finally came back to her senses as she smiled again, showing her pointed teeth.

“Dear King of the World of Fey," She began like if was writing his will, "Hear these words for it should be your last. I shall now end your reign. For you ended it for my people and I shall now take your place! I will now rule with an iron fist, literally, and so shall my kin for the next centuries to come. My new reign shall be named after me. My real name and not that accursed name, Sterling ,but my evil name, Frindle! Now let me ask you a question: do you have any last words?”

 She took the sword and with the quiet of the night was now a choir of screams and gasps as more blood was spilled across the clearing. It even sprayed on Frindle's face as her eyes widened and her mouth gaped with a the sensation taking over her and she had to laugh to the sky as she had to somehow let this feeling release out of her thin, cold blooded body.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Idea I have

So I was thinking should I put a song that I think matches the poem/ story at the end of the post or maybe I should title the song post for what I think it matches with mood/ story line? I'm just curious on what I should do for music can also make moods very contradicting or it won't even match the mood. It's just something I thought to make the blog more..... interesting I suppose. Hope hear what you have to say in the comments.

~ Karin-chan

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Sided poem

Every day I feel my heart ripping but also healing when something good happens. 
I also feel the crying of my past as I take every step in the present that will somehow encounter with my future. 
I will breath and dream of good things,
But the bad images of the world will still flash in my mind as life goes on. 

I will still keep my head high and still stay strong as I walk hand in hand 
With my friends, family, and people who I care and love for. 
There are the words that come from my heart 
That the brain thinks of 
And is repeatedly said into my soul. 

These are the fond feelings that lie deep in my heart. 
As they sleep for it to be awakened by the sun's warm glow,
To the moon's gentle beams of mellow.

I say this as my creativity of my child-side runs free, 
While the grown-up within me stands tall and mighty. 
I speak for the inner courageous person in me takes risks in life, 
For they know it can end by either good and bad.

The inner scared me,
Also repents this side,
And makes me want to hide in a ball and to be forgotten.

These inner sides to me always conflict with themselves, 
But only one will win on top of each other.

Cave vs. Survivors

"Run now! I can't lose you again!" A man screamed who was covered in a blanket of blood stains, lying on the floor.

"B-But if I leave you will-" The young girl next to him tried to fight back.

"Shut up! Just run while you still can!"

They were in a dark cave and it was about to crumble over their heads. The girl now was really hating that she had to come here, especially since she thought it just to be a normal trip to mine that everyone in town did everyday. However, someone else in a different part of the mine wanted to see if they can use dynamite to make it easier for themselves. Being stupid to do it in a crowded cave and not having any experience, he exploded the cavern entirely and made the ceiling crumble overhead everyone and now was making the entire colony collapse. The two people who were arguing were the only survivors out of the massive explosion and the girl tried to carry the poor man, but as they were getting out of the cave, he started to scream in pain. So she had to put him down to relieve him.  

"No, I'm not going without you even if I have to pick you up again. I'm going to take you home to your family and that's final!" She told him off, all ready putting him on her back.

The man didn't argue with this, but he still grunted from the pain he had from his legs. Blood rained below him as he was lifted and was carried through out the cave. They climbed, or should I say she climbed, many trails and cave path ways. As they stayed in the cave, they got more and more scared of the cave not being able to hold itself.

A few days had passed as they were trying to climb to the cave entrance and it seemed that luck wasn't on their side. So far, when they were about to get out, there would either be a dead end from the cave slowly becoming weak or the path would crumble below their feet and they had to run to safely. The girl knew the cave was a living being, but she never thought it was this alive. She even thought she heard a low deep whisper say to her as they traveled: you have to go down with me. She shivered from the words as they pounded in her head like a child's silly rhyme that kids would sing for fun.

The next day, the man's wounds were getting better and he was even gaining the old strength in his legs, but the girl was still happily offering to carry him. As they were climbing A3 pathway, the girl's body finally gave out when they were trudging up a difficult hill and she wasn't able to move. The man knew he had to carry her now, but he wasn't that recovered to do so. Even though, he pushed on by now carrying her in his arms. He limped on even with the pain starting to grow again in his injured legs. Soon, he decided to travel from the A3 pathway and was going down to D5, he thought he heard the cave whispered a harsh warning to him: Turn back for you will leave me and then I will forever be lonely... These words echoed down his throat and back. It disturbed him, but he ignored it like with he did with his sore body and walked down. As he did, he soon saw a bright light that was different compared to the firelight in the cave. It was bright and felt warm even though it was so far away from him. He made a weak smile and started to try going faster to the light.

 As he was getting closer, he thought he heard screams of terror and shouts of anger. His blood ran cold as he finally got under the sun that was the light he saw inside the cave. Down below, he saw a village all in flames and people running around in terror. His eyes widened as he saw goblins lighting his house now on fire. He did see his wife carrying his kids in her arms but was immediately attacked behind by one of the goblins. He fell backwards a little as he knew he wouldn't be able to save them in time. His eyes watered as he saw his family's blood spilled and their screams that echoed deep inside him. He heard the cave whisper with a sound of evil hidden in there: This shall happen to people who want to leave me. Their loved ones will leave you.

The young man shook his head as everything he saw was disappearing around him and the dark dim-lit cave came back into view. He fell to his knees as he clutched the young girl, now sleeping in his arms. He tried to hold his tears and shouted to the cave, "I don't want this anymore! Let us leave please!"

He stared at the cave around him as he only heard his heart beat. Hie ears peaked for the cave's response, but as his heart sank, the whole place collapsed with a big dust cloud now remaining in it's place.

Don't worry. They didn't die. Very injured, but not dead. They were soon found a couple weeks later to only now being brought back to health. The man was able to go to his family who were all save and sound. He even decided to bring the girl and make her officially a part of the family since it turned out none of her relatives made it out alive. So, they all became a family and they both never heard from the cave again, for it turned out they did what the cave's last wish was: to not die alone. 

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Greetings Ladies and Gents!

Hello hello. Welcome one and all to the wonders of the blog. This blog is named as you can read from the top, Dark and Light Should Not Be Parted. You probably wonder why did I say Dark and Light. Why that and not anything else? Well, my comrades, I shall tell you why. It's for a simple fact, opposites attract. For example, good cannot exist without bad and even the good and nicest people always seem to be always have trouble on every corner. Good people tend to get bad things happen to them. You see it all the time in movies, books, plays, and even in songs. So, you can never escape this on going flow of "tug of war" for it was always ment to exist.

So now if you understand this concept then it should now make sense to you why I chose dark and light. Oh, so now your probably asking me why I chose the words Dark and Light am I right? Well, I shall answer you with another simple answer: I just wanted to. That's it, no long explanation. Now, I better get to my writing so I can start expressing my ideas, feelings, and crazy in the stars imagination. Until we meet again.

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Karin, but please be proper and call me Karin-chan. Okay that's all.