Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Dark Days



Please scream 

Or even dare to shout.

Just shut yourself in the world

And leave the ways you speak,

Don't come close, 

And don't touch the dark of my heart.

For you could just get swallowed into it,

And drown within its depths.

But today,

I feel numb and cold,

So I take a dip into the pond of black water,

And was dragged into the depths below.

They pulled with harsh hands around my ankles,

But I didn't dare to fight it and just let them squeeze me like a sponge.

They gripped me tightly,

And I could almost feel the blood about to burst.

I saw red eyes stare me down,

And glowing sharp teeth drool around me.

I heard sharp growls and harsh evil laughs echo,

As I just stare back dazed like if this wasn't happening.


Above me, 

A shining glow shaped like a hand waved above me and the darkness.

The dark shrieked and cried with fear like if it was shot.

The eyes closed,

The teeth started to decay,

Turning yellow and growing holes.

They scatter far into the waters,

Trying to get away from the light as it came closer to me.

I again didn't get phased as it started to grab me around the wrist and pulled me up.

As I started to get out,

I felt pain,

I felt eyes open more,

I gripped the light's hand,

And I started to smile.

The world start to brighten as I came out,

The bleak water started to even disparate as the last toe was exposed. 

I started to regain my emotions,

First feeling the sorrow grip around my heart,

Then happiness replacing as I calmed down.

The light hugged me as it carried me across the once dark land,

Now filled with light and a new glow was born inside me.

I looked to the sky as I tired to finally speak

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me...


  1. The words are gripping. You speak of hope.

  2. Indeed I do. I was thinking about something that happened to me that I wished it would go away as easy as this poem did. Thank for liking it :)

  3. You were brought back to the light. Amazing what emotions can do. Because of this complicated mind humans have, they have emotions. Therefore, they tend to think about emotions, unlike other species that go more by instinct. In many ways, intelligent species that are just intelligent enough, yet have little "emotions" can be more logical than us in their own ways. Yes, I could go on like this for hours. Continue writing, I will be there to read.