Monday, September 5, 2011

Songs for the Frindle's Story

Hello greetings to all.

I'm now trying to use music to help me with my story writing and I was thinking "Hmm, why not give characters some music to match with their moods." So here is some music that can match with some of Frindle's Rising story main characters.

Frindle: Yes she will appear a lot in the story and she can be a little sneaky, evil, and monstrous fey from what you all read. So here is the song I chose for her: I'll Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars. (warning: has some of screamo elements so if you don't like it you can understand from the title what its say)

Here is another song if you skipped the first song that still represents her fierce fighting spirit: Requiem of a Dream by Clint Mansell.

Okay so we all know everyone has an inner weakness, so I'm not going to give much away besides asking this question: What is a person's worst fear besides death? To know the answer, listen to this song: Crystal Ball by Keane.

Up coming characters

Gwendolyn (Gwen): She will come in the next part. She is Frindle's great great granddaughter. (I don't have songs yet for I'm still learning what she is going to be like.)

Marylin (Mary or Linny): She is Gwen's best friend. She is very sensitive and shy compared to Gwen.

Ericolyn (Colyn): To be Announced

Mirror Jay : To be Announced

There shall be other characters, but those are the only ones I shall release for now (Sorry about the last two, they are still puzzling to me but I shall get them figured out soon.) Next time when I get into more detail, I hope to draw the characters and see if I should change them or not. Okay good-bye and may you read on!