Friday, August 23, 2013

Chance of Showers Today

Terror in the face.

Darkness forming,
Deep beneath in the abyss,
That I wish would go amiss.

Words stabbing,
Finger jabbing,
The dying phone in hand.
I'm the doctor,
In search of wonder,
If my soul will make it to the other side.
But I can't look,
I dare not say.
As the results were emulated.
Upon the other side,
In the world of death,
Pleading "Not guilty."
I cry and beg.

But as I look to the grey,
Misty and fast paced sky,
My eyes close,
It feels drenched,
They feel drenched,
Like a downpour,
Now turning into showers,
Showers changing to ice,
Ice become hail,
Hail gets bigger,
As thunder and wind take the sky.
I hear angels dying,
The other soul made it,
To the other side!

The other soul made it,
To the other side.