Saturday, December 24, 2011

Short Poem

Lie lie,

Let me lie in my place.

Breathe breathe,

I need to remember I'm still living.

Motion, motion

I want time to stop in place.

Forever, forever,

A ever lasting peace.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frindle's Rising Chapter 4

As the two friends roamed down to the school. Like the usual it was filled with gloom, but today will be the day they will discover the Way of Change...

"Wait up Gwen."  Her friend huffed as she was shoulder-carried towards the school.

"Sorry Mary. We are late as it is, but we are all ready at the entrance. Once we go in, I'll take you to the Medicine Elf and he can take care of everything." She apologized, but smiled to show how calm she was.

However, deep down she was all over the place. She felt worried that she could do much worse if she wouldn't be able to control the inherited evil within her. She felt anger for hurting her friend and felt she wanted to be punished. She wanted to cry, but held it down with all her strength. She saw the blood, now dried wounds, on her friend that she couldn't stand to watch for a brief moment. As they climbed down the old, stone stairways, Gwen took a sharp turn to the right and took a faster pace down the empty hall. She heard Mary whimper, which she had to put down for her to rest against the wall. Gwen stared at her weak friend as well as Mary did back to her "smiling" friend.

"And what are you two doing there?" A voice asked that echoed in the hall.

They both turned their heads as they gasped; Gwen standing strong while Mary squirmed in place. A long lean figure stood in the wide hall. His nose all curved in his scrunched face. His blue wings that matched his blue and yellow uniform of a long shirt and shorts, fluttered from the sides of his body in a wild tone. Anger was fuming from his body as he stared down at the two children. He took long strides towards the girls who looked up at him with long and quiet stares.

"Didn't you hear me?!" He asked raising his voice, "Tell me. What are you two doing here?! I have no time to deal with such children who get scared easily I swear..." He then started to mumble and groan as another fey pushed him along to the Medic Elf's clinic. The other fey had short blond hair and was way shorter compared to the grown fey, but still had great strength and pushed him through the door. He wore the same blue and yellow uniform as well.

As they left, it was when Gwen helped her friend up again and they both walked at a little faster pace to see what else would happen. They never had seen those two boys in their lives. No one in school wore those uniforms. As they thought about it, the tall boy also had a strange accent. Had a mixture of a soft breezy voice that quickly changed to a hard harsh tone. Again, no one here spoke like that. At least the ones that were "normal".

As Gwen and Mary got to the Medic Elf's clinic, the door was shut and the curtains over the window where tightly closed. They went to sit on the two chairs that were the used for waiting. Mary by now had re-gained most of her energy sat up leisurely and started to re-gain her golden smile that always warmed Gwen's heart in many ways. In any emotion she felt. She then turned to the window. The window was vast, very long horizontally. She saw the still grey sky that made any fey gloomy, but for Gwen, it filled her with a hope. She always dreamed of one day seeing the blue skies she hadn't seen in a dear long time. She hoped for her to somehow someone or something can help her break the bond between and Frindle. She felt the anger flare inside her; tighting her chest like if she was held on a chained brace. It would forever haunt her. She knew she needed help.

Someone help me! She yelled in her mind.

As she pricked her ears, no answer came to her as she lowered her head in sadness.

However though, as night came across the land, Gwen was in her bed. She felt restless and very ashamed of what she had done. Her fists were clenched under the covers as she soon finally let the tears leak down her face. She hid her face under the blanket like if Mary was in the room with her. She wasn't too wrong about that, but Mary was only down the hall to the left of where Gwen slept. She cried heavily and sniffled as she held her wrist in agony. She wished for the pain to pop of her and be lifted off her shoulders.

 In about half an hour in human time she fell asleep peacefully and calm.

To be Continued...