Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Sided poem

Every day I feel my heart ripping but also healing when something good happens. 
I also feel the crying of my past as I take every step in the present that will somehow encounter with my future. 
I will breath and dream of good things,
But the bad images of the world will still flash in my mind as life goes on. 

I will still keep my head high and still stay strong as I walk hand in hand 
With my friends, family, and people who I care and love for. 
There are the words that come from my heart 
That the brain thinks of 
And is repeatedly said into my soul. 

These are the fond feelings that lie deep in my heart. 
As they sleep for it to be awakened by the sun's warm glow,
To the moon's gentle beams of mellow.

I say this as my creativity of my child-side runs free, 
While the grown-up within me stands tall and mighty. 
I speak for the inner courageous person in me takes risks in life, 
For they know it can end by either good and bad.

The inner scared me,
Also repents this side,
And makes me want to hide in a ball and to be forgotten.

These inner sides to me always conflict with themselves, 
But only one will win on top of each other.


  1. sad. true. strange. makes us feel that way doesn't it?

  2. It's all in your opinion but yes indeed I do agree for it was strange for me to write it all and to even come up with this idea. So yes I agree with all.

  3. There are too many spaces between stanzas.

  4. It's actually only one spaced but the blog spaced it even more. It's weird, but oh well nothing I can do about it.