Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cave vs. Survivors

"Run now! I can't lose you again!" A man screamed who was covered in a blanket of blood stains, lying on the floor.

"B-But if I leave you will-" The young girl next to him tried to fight back.

"Shut up! Just run while you still can!"

They were in a dark cave and it was about to crumble over their heads. The girl now was really hating that she had to come here, especially since she thought it just to be a normal trip to mine that everyone in town did everyday. However, someone else in a different part of the mine wanted to see if they can use dynamite to make it easier for themselves. Being stupid to do it in a crowded cave and not having any experience, he exploded the cavern entirely and made the ceiling crumble overhead everyone and now was making the entire colony collapse. The two people who were arguing were the only survivors out of the massive explosion and the girl tried to carry the poor man, but as they were getting out of the cave, he started to scream in pain. So she had to put him down to relieve him.  

"No, I'm not going without you even if I have to pick you up again. I'm going to take you home to your family and that's final!" She told him off, all ready putting him on her back.

The man didn't argue with this, but he still grunted from the pain he had from his legs. Blood rained below him as he was lifted and was carried through out the cave. They climbed, or should I say she climbed, many trails and cave path ways. As they stayed in the cave, they got more and more scared of the cave not being able to hold itself.

A few days had passed as they were trying to climb to the cave entrance and it seemed that luck wasn't on their side. So far, when they were about to get out, there would either be a dead end from the cave slowly becoming weak or the path would crumble below their feet and they had to run to safely. The girl knew the cave was a living being, but she never thought it was this alive. She even thought she heard a low deep whisper say to her as they traveled: you have to go down with me. She shivered from the words as they pounded in her head like a child's silly rhyme that kids would sing for fun.

The next day, the man's wounds were getting better and he was even gaining the old strength in his legs, but the girl was still happily offering to carry him. As they were climbing A3 pathway, the girl's body finally gave out when they were trudging up a difficult hill and she wasn't able to move. The man knew he had to carry her now, but he wasn't that recovered to do so. Even though, he pushed on by now carrying her in his arms. He limped on even with the pain starting to grow again in his injured legs. Soon, he decided to travel from the A3 pathway and was going down to D5, he thought he heard the cave whispered a harsh warning to him: Turn back for you will leave me and then I will forever be lonely... These words echoed down his throat and back. It disturbed him, but he ignored it like with he did with his sore body and walked down. As he did, he soon saw a bright light that was different compared to the firelight in the cave. It was bright and felt warm even though it was so far away from him. He made a weak smile and started to try going faster to the light.

 As he was getting closer, he thought he heard screams of terror and shouts of anger. His blood ran cold as he finally got under the sun that was the light he saw inside the cave. Down below, he saw a village all in flames and people running around in terror. His eyes widened as he saw goblins lighting his house now on fire. He did see his wife carrying his kids in her arms but was immediately attacked behind by one of the goblins. He fell backwards a little as he knew he wouldn't be able to save them in time. His eyes watered as he saw his family's blood spilled and their screams that echoed deep inside him. He heard the cave whisper with a sound of evil hidden in there: This shall happen to people who want to leave me. Their loved ones will leave you.

The young man shook his head as everything he saw was disappearing around him and the dark dim-lit cave came back into view. He fell to his knees as he clutched the young girl, now sleeping in his arms. He tried to hold his tears and shouted to the cave, "I don't want this anymore! Let us leave please!"

He stared at the cave around him as he only heard his heart beat. Hie ears peaked for the cave's response, but as his heart sank, the whole place collapsed with a big dust cloud now remaining in it's place.

Don't worry. They didn't die. Very injured, but not dead. They were soon found a couple weeks later to only now being brought back to health. The man was able to go to his family who were all save and sound. He even decided to bring the girl and make her officially a part of the family since it turned out none of her relatives made it out alive. So, they all became a family and they both never heard from the cave again, for it turned out they did what the cave's last wish was: to not die alone. 


  1. strange story. perhaps a little more of it will help me understand. otherwise, fine details. also, better job with staying in past tense.

  2. Thank you Raven for your wonderful commenting. I hope to use them and I will take them to heart.