Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Falling

Shake shake
Rumble rumble
Stumble stumble

Whoops I fell.
Not down the rabbit hole,
But I fell down,
And was falling for a long time.

And more falling,
And even more of the dirt flying.
I saw even animals growing wings to go upward.
I wanted to fly like my heart told me to do as well,
But I knew all ready,
That I can't.

As the dark of the unknown hole crept around me,
I tried to look around for something to stop me from this on-going falling.
I grabbed branches,
Roots sticking out with the help of my long arm that doesn't have fingers,
Magical ivy that grow slowly outward,
Even digging my claws to the side of the walls,
But nothing could stop me from this forced downward.

As I soon saw the ground below me,
I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see the worse,
But I felt myself slow down,
And I fell on my feet,
On my all fours and my ears giving a few happy twitches.

I guess what they say its true that cats land on their feet.


  1. WOOOOWW! So great! That was VERY unexpected! From the perspective of a cat? That's just the best.

  2. Thank you. I just thought of it and I wanted to do a person at first, but then I was thinking later... No! It's a cat! So I then had to change a few things and vola, I made it! Yes, I know for cats are awesome :)

  3. Remember you did a story about a clan of horses, and I did a clan of jays?

  4. Oh yes I do :D. I remember very much.