Friday, November 25, 2011

Part two for chapter 1 for it didn't felt finished when I looked back on it for Frindle's Rising

After the King and Queen had fallen to their unfortunate demise, Frindle took the power to her metal hands as she decided to make a few changes to the World of Fey...

In the cold, the wind blew silently over the field. Every fey felt a deep, nawing hole grow inside themselves as they stared down below. No one made a sound except for the now screaming, pale-white queen. She covered her eyes in shear agony as she fell to the grass and buried her head with her clear tears. The only fey who seemed to not feeling this tragic fear and sadness was the dark fey who wiped the blood eagerly on her dress. She stared down at the pool of blood that surrounded that drenched her feet in the now cool blood that once gave her a warmth of sensation was now giving her a coldness that left her feet numb.

She was suddenly surrounded by the brown and red armored body guards that swarmed her in a tight circle. They held their poisoned ended spears and daggers with their eyes still fearful. The fey who looked like she died herself just smirked at them with a evil smile that made the guards shake with woe. She held the sword to her side that would shine if the moon would had been out. She raised the sword and pointed it that the guards.

"Guards who belonged to the fallen king. Join me or you will join the fate your ruler had." She turned to the forest as well with death swirling in her eyes. The fey hidden were shivering and knew it went for them as well. They clung to each other. They all wanted to escape but didn't dare to. As Frindle looked to the guards who slowly lowered their weapons, some even dropping them to the floor, were all hanging their heads to either not look at Frindle or was too ashamed to do it. Frindle smiled and finally looked to the crying queen. She walked slowly; feet still soundless. She spooked the poor Queen as she kneed down to look at the poor child-like fey.

"Get up." Frindle ordered.

The Queen got up immediately and stood with her head high; like if Frindle was pointing at her with daggers and spears.

"Good, " She talked to her like a low-life servant, "Now. For you, I'm going to ask you this. Would you like to be a maid to work for me or to die like your husband?" Her hands went down as the Queen imagined her "dropping" the weapons she held.

The silence grew as the small fey; now looking even smaller as she huddled herself slightly, suddenly felt her heart burn with anger. She then ran to Frindle and slapped her in the face as she felt tears grow again. Everyone in forest and even the guards gasped at her actions as the Queen just cried deeply. Frindle just laughed it off as she touched the spot; feeling her skin swell from the hit. She grabbed the queen by the throat; hearing the Queen squealing. Tears still streaked down her milky face; crawling even down Frindle's arm. Frindle didn't get phased by this and just examined the queen's reaction. She looked at how her eyes squinted as she cried, seeing three wrinkles forming on each eye. She saw her eyebrows furrow with such force that made her skin look old and wrinkled. She looked to her thin hair that could be see-through if the light hit it just right. She then got back to reality as Frindle tilted her head, "Interesting specimen..."

"Stop looking you witch!" The Queen hissed as she kicked Frindle in the stomach. Frindle took the hit hard as she fell on one knee and clutched her stomach. She coughed up blood that covered her mouth as she felt a new pain swirl in her. She licked it off her teeth; feeling a new sensation that grew old at the same time somehow. She took her sword and stabbed the Queen's neck into two. She then cut down a bit deep to where she she reached the abdomen of the thin fey body. The Queen gave a final scream of terror as she just stopped in mid-motion: her eyes wide in the direction of the sky and her mouth slowly going limp.

"And I was about to give mercy on you." Frindle whispered to the standing corpse. When she unsheathed the sword out, the frail Queen fell to the ground as another pool of blood came on the ground. The guards stiffened and the fey who hid couldn't bring to cry anymore as they realized their fears had reached their limit. Frindle then turned away and just walked on as she snapped her fingers to the guards. They made into the formation when she was "Sterling" and strolled out of the fields with her head high and eyes cold.

Later when the night grew on, all the fey who hid in the forest went back to their homes, leaving the King and Queen all alone. The moon then had enough courage to look at the result that the wicked Frindle made. The  moon then started to cry as she made snow drift down across the land. The moon examined the poor King and Queen who their faces looked to each other unsuspectingly. Her hand was out reaching to the Kings', but it would never reach in true time. In the time of the Spirit of Life, the King clutched the Queen dearly to his chest. The two fey spirits looked down at their bodies; feeling no remorse or sadness toward them. The two fey then floated of to the sky and flew away in the near distance; truly leaving the fey under the total control of the evil Frindle.

To be continued....


  1. Truly, Frindle. How does that make you feel?

  2. It made me feel bloody and reminded me of those movies I would be so scared to see but somehow imagined it XD. I don't get it. but that's what happened.

  3. She's half dead on the inside.

  4. Indeed. I want to show this progression in her that slowly all this killing would be meaningless to her and she would want to move on. That's how I want the story to progress eventually, but for now, I need to rethink this story.

  5. That's good, but I'm always open to suggestion.