Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Kill Shall Listen to the Killed

A poem I have to do for my class. It's based on people who are perpetrators and committed really bad crimes. So, here is to the people who kill or who I call, The People of the Dead.

Lives willed,
Lives killed,
Blood loss,
Head at your feet,
No longer,
The boss.

Today for you is the day,
Shall forgiveness be happy to come your way?
Of it dawns as it take it leave,
Darkness of Death chokes on to thee.

It sits in the stand and watches you,
As your in court, head up from your chest.
You dare to say you aren't guilty.
Til He lowers his decaying thumb to the floor,
Like a Roman God of War.

Truth defies against lies.
Death repents your life,
And the privilege to walk the Earth.
"Tis no right", Death proclaims to the perpetrator,
"To live I shall let be,
But to die is the decision of me".  

I let thou cry as he shames thyself,
To what you deserve to be free,
If the headless king comes to his throne of nooses?


  1. That one is dark. They are criminals. Kill them all! Jk

    1. Indeed for history has many dark holes inside them. Haha. I wish they don't all have to die. Some are innocent you know?