Monday, March 19, 2012

Lyrics to a song I thought of for fun

In the night of cold and wrath,

It chocks upon my mouth for truth,

Never seems to escape,

Can not be open.

Or allowed to be free,

Upon the will,

Of Hercules's bravery.


The moon dances with you,

My little darling dream,

You come and cry to me,

Like I also do to you.

The curtains start to rise,

The swords are raised high,

The voices rang out,

As the crowd settles low.

The hands are then raised,

And bloods spills slow,

As voices swallow,

Like the weakness of Ore.


Like a clash of war,

Galaxies collide,

People ties knots,

Whiles others let them go.

Letting them fly,

Falling from the sky,

To never ending Earth....

Of fairies, birds, dragons and snakes,

Of witches, warlocks, ravens, and stakes.

They all tumble down. 

Like deadly dreams they are.

They all tumble down.

They all tumble down....


  1. I like this as multiple things: a story, a poem, and lyrics as stated. Well done.

    1. Thanks. It was fun to write it. I wish I can play the melody on a instrument or something. Oh well...