Monday, January 16, 2012

Death is Not The End


A taker,

Also a giver.

The one hated,

The one brought to with open arms.

A cloaked figure with a big scythe.

A demon with wings who haunts humans.

The enemy.

Never a friend.


Never be fooled.

Even when the person isn't moving,

He is never gone.

Death is not The End.

Death is the key to the Door:


On the other side,

There is no white place with clouds,

No spirit floats and comes back to Earth to re-live,

It doesn't even go down to be burned in fires of anger.

The soul,

The energy of the human,

It goes to a place,

Where other humans dream and wish for it to go to.

The other side is a illusion.

The humans turn to animals,

The animals turn into you.

Death is the key,

To Life's door,

To the human's,



  1. This is nice. "To the human imagination"... interesting.

    1. Thank you. Yes I was thinking that death's end is all in the head. I do believe it's real but the end of when the spirit goes to is the imagination takes place then.