Friday, July 26, 2013

Alone but At Peace (Part 3)

With now living alone,
I moved to a new city,
A complex world that I wasn't used to living in.
It was quite different,
And even weird in some ways,
But I had followed my instinct,
And went over the mountains,
In search of a new Owner.

What made this world so hard,
And very complicated,
Was the rules that I had to follow,
That didn't follow my own morals.

Like one day,
The People there didn't like going out in the rain,
But they only went out with giant mushrooms,
That had long stems for their tiny hands.
It was quite a queer sight,
As mushrooms were meant to be food,
Cooked and made delicious,
Not used to protect from rain.
Rain is also a great thing to touch fur,
So why would rain scare a person?
Maybe they didn't like getting messy.

That's probably the case.

Even though this city has a lot of contrasts,
From the way I'm use to living,
There's still some things,
That coincide with how I feel.

Like for one thing,
There are a lot more of cats like me,
And we even get along together.

Its even closer then being with a Owner.
This what surprises me.
But its something that makes me smile.
That allows me more than anything,
To be at peace.


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    1. Thank you very much! I'm planning to have more to come :)