Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lost in WonderMend

"Greetings little girl! What's you're name?" A lean rabbit with a big green, led-poisoned hat, exclaimed to the visitor.

"Alice sir." The visitor answered in a high voice. The visitor, being a young girl, looked at the rabbit with sad eyes. She knew the hat has poisoned his mind to become mad!

"Why do you have such a hat, sir?"

"No sirs please! My hat is most certainly fine... I forgot! My cup of tea!" He then starts running around with his tea cup in hand.

"My tea cup is empty! Please come with me! I need to give you some as well since you are a guest."

He took her wrist without a thought as she ran behind, passing by tall purple trees that gave perplexing smells.

"G-guest?" She managed to say as she ran with him.

"Indeed Alice! A guest in this world where I was born, raised, and learned the ways of being mad! For I'm the Mad Hatter!"

He took his hat off as he threw it in the air. Before it could be swept by the branches of trees, the wind caught it and it flew far to the unknown. Such a strange world she was in!

"Y-you're hat sir!" Alice cried to the sky.

No answer came as she then looked to her front. He vanished! She then stopped herself. Searching with eyes filled with fear, she didn't dare call him. Something inside her told her so.

"Welcome to WonderMEND. Where nothing you knew was the same before." A voice informed her.

She turned around to see if the voice was there. The thing that stood before her was a floating lamp light. This surprised her as it bowed in greetings to her.

"Shady shall show you the way around this forest. It is going to get dark soon anyhow. You better leave before he comes back, Alice. He's not all you think. He's more than the Mad Hatter. He's the Psychopath of WonderMEND." The same voice from before explained.

"The Mad Hatter is the King of Blood Stained Fools!" Another voice called from one of the trees.

"He's going to come back!" A third voice bellowed from the sky.

"Run Alice RUN!" The voices chorused.

Then the light vanished, leaving Alice to get swallowed by the pitch black darkness.

Footsteps were then in place of her breath. Panic was bitten down her throat. Fear was chocked in her fists.

She then started to run. She kept at it even if she felt tired. Sweat was creating a trail behind her as she went deeper in the forest. She didn't dare to stop. She had to keep going.

"STOP! STOP AT ONCE! ALICE!!!!!!" A familiar voice called to her.

She knew it was the Mad Hatter, but she couldn't trust him. She knew his brain was defeated from his poisoned top hat.

"Just leave me alone! I want to go home! Screw WonderMEND! She screamed back.

That's when she finally stood in her tracks. Her ears perked. She didn't wanted to get fooled again...

A thud was then heard dropped to the floor. Placed in-front of her was a small pistol. The end was stained in blood. Fresh and rotting. She took a few steps away as then two hands were placed on her shoulders. They pushed her to the floor and twisted her. She was then faced up to the now lit up sky. The Mad Hatter was floating in the rich blue as he twirled a gun on his forefinger.

"So you want out, right? YOU WANT OUT?! I'LL SHOW YOU OUT! AH HAHAHAHAHA!"

The Mad Hatter then stopped talking as he smiled, displaying his teeth. His eyes were crossed. His finger on the trigger. Aiming at her heart. Her eyes then closed.




No bang went off from the gun. She didn't even hear the Mad Hatter. None of the other voices from the forest. She then opened her eyes. She found herself resting next to a tree. She looked around to see the tree. The leaves were green and they had no funny scent. She then signed with relief as she stood up and walked on home.

"I'm so glad it was only a dream." She said to herself.


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    1. Haha thanks! When I was writing this, I even got scared a bit but that's just silly me. Hope you enjoyed it anyways!