Saturday, July 20, 2013

Found and Left Alone (part 2)

I'm found,
I finally reached that hand that I wanted to hold.
It was kind,
And sweet,
Just like I hoped it would be.

It was quite brief.

I thought the warmth was going to stay forever,
But my new Owner's eyes were casting off,
To a new distance,
A secret horizon that it felt alone.
I would climb to Owner's shoulder to look,
Use glasses to even get a better vision,
But foggy days,
And cloudy nights was what I would see.
I couldn't get into my Owner's shoes.

My Owner would even sometimes forget about me,
As it looked to the horizon everyday.
I was trying to let Owner notice me again.
I would give Owner presents,
And tell Owner sweet things,
But Owner's mind was still somewhere else.
Always somewhere else.

Few days later,
When I woke,
And went to look for Owner,
Giving Owner usual sweet greetings,
Owner wasn't there to be found.
I looked for Owner everywhere,
I went all over town in search of Owner.
At the end of the day,
I knew that new Owner was gone.
I was left alone again.

But this didn't make me hate Owner,
No I couldn't try.
It made me feel sad for Owner.
Made me wish that I could help Owner.
Make Owner realize,
That the greatest things in Owner's life,
Was right in-front of Owner.
It didn't have to be me,
But living in the present is better,
Than chasing off dizzy dreams.

As the wind grew colder,
And snow started to float down softly,
I then got out of the house,
The warm,
Sweet house,
And out to the cold world,
To accept,
The cold truth:

Sometimes when finding true happiness,
You have to be left alone for a while.

Deep down though,
I hoped that I could meet Owner again.
The Owner who I thought,
Was surely,
The one.


  1. Owner? This is quite interesting so far.

    1. Glad you like it! Hopefully I can more parts. Not sure how it will end though.